I’ve Retired

peterWelcome to Private Practice SEO (formerly “Your Google Guy”). I’m Peter Hannah, MA LMHC, and after almost a decade of doing websites, SEO and Google Adwords for hundreds of therapists all over the world, I’ve retired from that work – to fully pursue my own counseling passions.

Don’t fret, though! I’m happy to send you all my old bonus information (my White Papers, checklists, etc), if you’ll send me your email address via the form below.

I’ll also connect you with my hand-picked successor, Becky DeGrossa, and her team at CounselingWise.com.

When I decided to retire, I looked around for another therapist in the web marketing business who I thought was as good as me (at the technical & marketing aspects) and also had a good heart and great integrity.

I found that in Becky. She had been doing great websites and SEO for other therapists for years. Now I’ve turned over all my Adwords secrets to her and her team, and they are the only one’s I am consulting with on Adwords going forward.

Thanks so much. I wish you the best in your practice and your life!

Peter Hannah, Formerly Your Google Guy